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Organically grown, cold-pressed vegetable oils are the basis of natural cosmetics. If you own only one bottle of fine oil, you can use it to: remove make-up, take care of the skin and of the whole body. Add it to the bath, apply it before washing your hair, rub it into the skin around nails..

Incorporating natural oils into your skincare routine can provide numerous benefits such as hydration, nourishment, protection against aging, and even soothing effects for various skin conditions.

Avocado oil is most often used for dry and mature skin because of its regenerative and softening properties but also has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is dark green in color, and because of its density you can mix it with lighter oils.

Almond oil is the most popular oil for skin care and massage. For all skin types, especially dry and sensitive, and it is enough gentle even for children's skin.

Borage oil is a very valuable oil for skin regeneration, for all skin inflammations, but also stretch marks and scars.

Black cumin is another oil that is more useful to take orally. It balances the immune system, so it is useful for allergy sufferers. Externally, it is added to the inflamed areas and damaged skin because it soothes and restores.

Wild rose strongly stimulates skin regeneration and is the best choice for scars, wrinkles, burns, stretch marks, skin inflammation, hyperpigmentation.

Do not replace it with cheaper rosehip macerate which is dark red and has a much milder effect.

Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax, but we use it as oil. Regulates sebum production (acne) and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Cocoa butter softens and protects the skin. It has soothing effect and it is useful in skin inflammations and prevention of stretch marks.

Coconut oil is a gentle oil, useful for the care of sensitive skin, but also hair. You will recognize unrefined oil by its sweet smell.

Apricot seeds is similar to almond oil, but with a finer texture and bitter smell. It suits most, but especially dry and mature skin. It is anti-inflammatory and nutritious.

Linseed oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and regenerative. It is necessary to keep it in the refrigerator.

Hazelnut is a light oil that absorbs quickly. Useful for the care of oily skin, acne, but also

ruptured capillaries and in any treatments in whichwe want the essential oils to quickly reach deep into the skin and into the bloodstream.

Macadamia is light, fast absorbing oil. Due to its rich composition, it is used for dry and mature skin, but also for burns.

Olive oil is a rich oil that is slowly absorbed, so it is suitable for massages and for

sensitive, mature and inflamed skin, and as a prevention of the formation of stretch marks because it is extremely nutritious and works anti-inflammatory. It also provides mild sun protection.

Evening primrose oil is most useful in the care of dry, sensitive skin and for everyone with

inflammatory conditions of the skin. It is also very useful to take it orally.

Walnut oil has a regenerative effect, so is mainly used for dry, damaged and mature skin.

Popular in the care of dry and damaged hair.

Wheat germ makes thick oil, rich in vitamin E. It is especially useful for dry skin and mature skin, and prevention of stretch marks. It is added to the oil mixtures and to extend the shelf life.

Castor oil is very thick and sticky, useful as a supplement in the care of dry skin, and for

care of eyelashes and hair, whose growth is stimulated.

Sesame oil is thick, rich oil, suitable for the care of dry, sensitive skin (infants) and skin prone to inflammation. Safely protects against sun. Only light sesame oil is used in cosmetics.

Shea butter is a globally popular African plant product that is traditionally used for skin care since birth. It is very gentle (sensitive skin), has an anti-inflammatory effect (skin inflammations: various dermatitis, psoriasis, seborrhea, acne), slightly protects the skin from UVB rays and drying. Due to its regenerative effect, it is also useful for scars

and mature skin.

Sunflower oil is underrated and it is, in fact, a superior oil for skin care that absorbs quickly and easily. It has a slightly astringent effect, so it is useful in the care of oily and sagging skin, and its anti-inflammatory action is useful in all inflammatory conditions. Ideal for infants.

Tamanu oil has a powerful effect anti-inflammatory (dermatitis), and is also useful in the fight against pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Chilean raspberry seed oil is most often used for sun protection because it is effective to

protect against UVB rays, but due to its high content antioxidants can act as a prevention in formation of wrinkles. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Has similar properties like Chilean hazelnut oil, which is lighter in texture.


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