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The human body is a very suitable environment for many types of parasites. Parasites are everywhere around us: in the air, water, soil. Our environment is their natural habitat. For example, one handful of soil contains several thousand tiny parasite eggs.

There are many ways they can reach the inside of the body. This is most often through unclean water and food, through dirty hands, through the skin and respiratory tract, through pets, insects..

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to completely prevent their invasion of the body and the level of people's awareness of the harmfulness of parasitic organisms in the human body is still not sufficiently developed.

Parasites can be found in almost every organ and can be the trigger for many chronic and dangerous diseases.

There are many types of parasites, and most of them are microscopic - invisible to our eyes. The most famous parasites that live in the human body are flukes, worms, trichinella, tapeworms, tapeworms and eye worms.

Family members almost always have the same parasites. If one person in the family gets a certain serious disease, the others probably have some form of parasite in their body.

Parasites can cause numerous health problems, such as asthma, allergies, arthritis, anemia, digestive problems, obesity, inflammation of the liver, heart disease and even tumor

Some types of these parasites can reach the brain through the blood , where they can cause considerable damage in the form of cysts, inflammation of the brain, epileptic seizures, paralysis and even death.

The least they can do is steal the nutrients our body needs.

Considering that they feed on the nutrients of our body, they release toxins inside our body as a by-product, thus polluting and throwing the body out of balance.

The most common symptoms that indicate the possibility of the presence of various types of parasites are:

  • weakness and apathy

  • chronic fatigue

  • abdominal pain and bloating

  • anemia (lack of iron in the blood)

  • loss of appetite or uncontrollable hunger

  • irritability and hyperactivity

  • insomnia and headache

  • depression

  • skin irritations and unexplained rashes

  • reproductive and menstrual problems

It is known that many cultures around the world have their own special preparations and procedures for purifying the body from unwanted invaders.

Studying the wisdom of ancient peoples, Hulda Clark designed a comprehensive system in the fight against parasites - an antiparasitic program.

By strategically combining only those herbs that have been proven effective in destroying parasites, she laid the foundations for strengthening immunity and a good defense against intruders.

The famous antiparasitic program of Dr. H. Clark is based on three important herbs that attack parasites in the body with their active action and combined forces. That are:


Black Walnut


Together, these three special herbs have proven effective against more than a hundred different types of parasites.

Cloves contain eugenol – a powerful antioxidant that has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory effects.

The special medicinal properties of cloves are in their oil, which acts as an antimicrobial agent, killing parasites and bacteria in the body.

It destroys all microscopic types of protozoa, parasite eggs and many types of fungi, including Candida . It is also effective against streptococci, staphylococci and pneumococci.

It has been scientifically confirmed that cloves are among the healthiest spices in the world due to their antioxidant properties, and they work for insomnia, alleviate nausea and vomiting, and help regulate blood sugar levels.

Black walnut is rich in iodine and minerals and contains linoleic acid and vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid. The alkaloids found in black walnut have antitumor properties. The skin of the fruit, on the other hand, contains tannin and quinone – natural chemicals that work effectively against parasites.

Black walnut is also rich in juglone - a compound that works against harmful invaders, which is why many experts recommend it for harmless cleansing of the body.

People have long used the medicinal properties of black walnut to cleanse themselves of parasites, worms and fungi and also to regulate high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Wormwood is one of the most effective and fastest-acting natural remedies for all kinds of digestive and bile problems. It owes its well-known bitterness to absinthe , which affects the digestive system and circulation.

It is particularly effective against parasites in the human body because it contains thujones which kill not only adult parasites, but also their eggs.

The combination of these three herbs has a miraculous effect on cleansing the body and removing parasites from all parts of the body.

Therefore, it is necessary to use them together, in an exactly planned dosage .

Regular cleaning of these organs strongly affects the overall health of the organism.

Additional shock for intruders

Many years of experience and a large amount of research by Dr. Clark, as well as by many other experts, have shown that numerous types of microorganisms cannot tolerate low-voltage electric current in their frequency range.

Everything indicated that electricity has a devastating effect on microorganisms, while not harming the human body.

This also became the basis for the emergence of a new branch of medicine called bioresonance therapy.

Based on the scientific works of Nikola Tesla, Raymond Rif and Dr. Lakhovski, Hulda Clark came up with valuable insights and her own, effective device for treating parasites.

That's how the zapper was born - the first electronic device for destroying parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi in the human body.

It is a simple and effective electronic device that, with the help of electricity, destroys pathogenic microorganisms that cause many diseases inside the human body.

Zapper combines well with an antiparasitic program.

Many experts claim that most people have some kind of parasite inside them, even though visible and external symptoms are still not present.

Therefore, the antiparasitic program is intended for everyone, even healthy people.

The smartest decision is to do therapy with this program preventively, even if you don't have the listed symptoms. The importance of the program should not be emphasized if the symptoms are present.

It is important that you carry out this program regularly, at least once a year.

When the body is clean, it defends itself against diseases. On the other hand, when it is full of toxins and parasites, the immune system weakens and numerous health complications occur.

The expected duration of the program is around 40 days .


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